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Transcript of Pension File - Hugh Wilson Baldwin - Part 2

Page 14
State of Tennessee          }  In the matter of Deborah
County of Bradley          }  L Baldwin widow of
Hugh W Baldwin late of Co I 10th Tenn
cavaldry whose number of claim is 282.217 on this the 30th day of October
1882 Personally appeared before me an acting
Justice of the Peace and for the afforesaid
county duly authorized to administer
oaths W H H Baker aged 40 years
a resident of Grief in the County of Bradley
and State of Tennessee whose Post offis
address is Grief Bradly County Tennessee
and Joseph J W Baker aged 44
years a resident of Grief with County
of Bradley and State of Tennessee whose
Post offis is Grief Bradley County Tennessee
well known to me to reputable and
entitled to credit and who being duly
sworn declare in relation to the aforesaid
case as follows W H H Baker states he
was well acquainted with the said
Hugh W Baldwin from the time
said Baldwins came home out of the servis
until the year 1873 at which time he
moved to Rhea County Tennessee

page 15
an in a short time after he came home
he told me he was suffering with
diarrhea and hemorhoids which gave him
a [?] of trouble I was more or less
with him from the time he was discharged
up to the year 1873 from the fact we were
near neighbors and during the years of
1871 and 1872 and part of 1879 he lived
on my farm and worked some with
me at times he complained very
much I think that up to the year
1879 he was not disabled from performing
manual labor upon our avridge more
than one fourth but from the year
1871 up to the year 1873 I think he was
disabled about one third & I further
state taht Deborah L Baldwin widow
of Hugh W Baldwin has never married
since the death of her husband.

Joseph J W Baker States he was
well acquainted with said Hugh
W Baldwin from the time he was
discharged up to the year 1873

page 16
and was with him often and
herd him complaining from the
fact we lived joining farms part of
the time he labored some but was
complaining at times very much
the first few years after his discharge
I don't think he was disabled for
performing manual labor more than
one fourth.  But during the last two
years he remained here I think
probably he was disabled one third.
And I further state that Deborah
L. Baldwin widow of Hugh W Baldwin
has never remarried since the death
her husband.

We further declare that we have no interest
in said case and are not concerned in
its prosecution

(signed) W H H Baker
Joseph J W Baker
affiant signature

page 17
State of Tennessee County of Bradley
sworn to and subscribed befor me this
day by the above named affiants and
I certify that I read said affidavit to
said affiant and acquainted them
with its contents before I executed the same
I further certify that I am in no wise
interested in said case nor am I
concerned in its prosecution and that said
affiants are personally known to me and that
they are credible persons

(Signed) F. M. Routh
JP For B. C.

This is to certify that F M Routh whose genuine
signature appears to this above affidavit is & was
the date therego an acting Magistrate in & for
in County he was commissioned 18 Aug 1822 &
(some cut) same will expire 18 Aug 1888 [?] [?]
[?] [?]

Given at offics in Cleveland
1st November 1882 & I certify that
I have no interest in this claim
J. H. Rucker Clerk
Bradley County Court Tenn

Page 18
State of Tennessee          }
County of Rhea                                } S.S.

On this 9th day of
April 1881 personally appeared
before me a notary public for and
in aforesaid County & State J. G.
Ewing and W. K. Fugate both
respectable citizens of the County
and State above named who
after being duly sworn according
to law declares that they seen
Hugh W Baldwin late R2 M
Sergt Co I, 10th Tenn, Cavy US Vols No. claim
for pension 296.675 In death on
the 14th day of March 1881 and that they
seen the said Hugh W Baldwin
Buried on the 16th day of March 1881 and
that their Post office address is
Rhea Springs Rhea Co, Tenn, and
that they have no interest direct
or indirect in the matter that calls
for this affidavit.  (signed) J G Ewing
W. K. Fugate

Sworn to and subscribed before
me this 9th day of April 1881 and I
hereby certify that the contents of the
aforegoing affidavit [?]fully made
to the affiants before swearing thereto
that the affiants is to me well known
to be respetable and worthy of credit
and that I have no interest direct or indirect
in the prosecution of this claim.
(Signed) J. B. Peters
Notary Public

Page 19
I R L Allen Dept Clerk of the
County Court in and for afore
said County and State do Certify
that J B Peters Esqr who hath
signed his name to the foregoing
[?] uses at the time of so
doing a Notary Public in and
for said COunty & State duly
commissioned and sworn
that all his official acts
are entitled to full faith and credit
and that his signature thereto is genuine.
Witness my hand and seal
of office this 22nd April 1881
(signed) R L Allen Dept
Clerk of County Court
Rhea Co Tenn

Page 20
State of Tennessee          }
Bradley County                                }
Feb 12th 1881                  }

In the case of Hugh W
Baldwin.  I will state that I was acquainted
with him before the war, and up till the
war commenced and considered him at
that time a healthy man.  Have known
his family for a long time and
from my knowledge of him and the
family I believe he was a healthy
man.  I however did not see him for
a short time before he inlisted and
consequently can not state his condition
at this time of enlistment.
I have no interest in the clam.
(signed) A McNabb MD
Sworn and subscribed
before me this 12 February
1881 & I certify that I have
no interest in the prosecution
of this claim
J. H. Rucker Clk

Page 21
State of Tennessee
Department of Public Health
Certified Copy Number

1. Place of Death
County Bradley
Civil Dis. 3rd
City Cleveland.
Registration District no. 40603
Primary Registration District No. 40603
File No.  9584
Reg No 28?

2.  Full Name.  Mrs Deboroah Louisa Baldwin
Residence: Tasso Tenn
3. Female
4.  Color or Race: W
5. S, M, W, D: Widowed
6. Date of Birth: July 18 - 1852
7. Age: 87 Years, 2 Months, 12 Days
8.  Trade, profession etc: House Keeping
12 Birthplace: Bradley County, Tennessee
13. Fathers Name: James C Cowden
14. Fathers Birthplace: N.C.
15 Mothers Name, Maiden: Henrietta Chilcutt
16 Mothers Birthplace: Bradley Co, Tenn
17. Informant: Frank [Simmons?], Cleveland Tenn Rd #2
18. Burial, Cremation, or Removal: New Friendship, Date 5-2, 1939
19. Undertaker: [?] Funeral Home, Cleveland Tenn
20. Filed 6-6, 1939 Mattie Bryant
21. Date of Death: April 30, 1939
22.  I hereby certify, That I attended deceased from [?] 1937? to April 30, 1939. 
I last saw her alive on Apr 30, 1939, death is said to have occurred on the
date stated above at 7:18 (can't tell am/pm)
(can not read the physicians hand writing....)
I hereby certify the above to be a true and correct copy of the original recoard on file in
this office.  Not valid unless countersigned by Director, Division of Vital Statistics.
(Signed) W.C. Williams, Commissioner.
(Sighed) W W Hubbard, Director, Division of Vital Statistics
Date Issuesd 5/24/39
(The Division of Vital Statistics was established January 1, 1914)

Page 22
War Department
Adjutant General's Office
Washington, D.C. Dec 27th, 1880.


I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt from your Office of
Application for Pension No. 296.675, and to return it herewith,
with such information as is furnished by the files of this Office.
(can not read this sentence until Hugh's name) Hugh W
Baldwin was enrolled on the 3 rd
day of Feby, 1864, at Charleston, in Co. I
10th Regiment of Tenn Cavy Volunteers
(a line through the next lines to handwritten notes)
Present June 30/65.  Return May 65
not on file.  Company was at Johnsonville Tenn
May & June '65.
Mustered out Aug 1/65 Nashville Tenn.
The records of this office furnish no evidence of
alleged disability.

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