Friday, May 14, 2010

Catching up - Bad Blogger

That last couple of months has been hit or miss.  I am currently undergoing an issue with Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome.   I hate it, I don't like it.  Pain is an every day thing and that is where I am now, finding a pain management routine that works for me.  Two cortisone shots (that did not work) later I was scheduled for an RPN this morning (it doesn't sound pleasant at all, let me tell you!) but!! my insurance company DENIED the procedure.  Just a very small rant then I am done… This insurance company (and my employer) made a nice program for us.  If we listen/watch a series of videos we get a benefit check back.  So, I saw they had a half dozen virtual blurbs on pain management and watched them all so that I might learn something and every one of them say "Follow up with your doctor, follow their prescribed regimen… blah blah blah"  to turn around and deny my treatment from my Doctor?  It boggles the mind.  Seriously.  So anyway, enough of that, I realize pain is my only  problem, there is no fixing the joint, it is damaged, it is a maintenance thing.  Constant pain is a depressant and some days I don't do a thing because it saps my energy but at the same time, I don't have a serious disease like so many other brave souls fight every day so in that, out of respect, I won't feel sorry for myself.  A bad day of pain is certainly better than a chemo treatment.

What I have been doing….. Certificate in Genealogical Studies-Scottish Records at  National Institute for Genealogical Studies.  I have purchased the basic package of classes so far.  I started the third class this week.  So far I am enjoying it and right now is a lot of back tracking.  I have to do the basic classes for the certificate and already have the basic knowledge though I will say doing a case study in Methodology I was an eye opener.  I clearly think in a different pattern but come to the same conclusions.. eventually.   Riddles frustrate me, the obvious is never my first choice, I have a very complex analytical mind and I always seem to think out before in.  I always blame it on being a Virgo!  Ha!  I wonder if that is why I make people crazy with frustration towards me!  When it comes to sitting down and digging into the research, I am tireless and I will hunt, scratch and scrape until I find what I am looking for.  So in the end I do accomplish what I set out to.  The bulk of the classes I am looking forward to start in December, so I will be juggling three classes I think it is.  That is the one draw back of my program, the Scottish classes are not as often and what I really want to take is really far away.  I have electives to take so in between the Scottish classes I have plenty to keep me busy.  With that though, I am very happy with the content and look forward to earning my Certificate.  I have just started my family line which I am including the Ahnentafel at the end of this post.

I was told my Baldwin's started in Connecticut.  I really want to sit down and bridge that gap from Tennessee to Connecticut but I have a feeling that Virginia is in between.  The last Baldwin I have proof of is William Baldwin, I think his father is Ezekiel Baldwin.  He moved to Tennessee and purchased land there so consider him "penciled in" until I know for sure.  So if this is his father, connecting Virginia to Connecticut would the next step:

William W Baldwin14


Individual Facts

bet 1779 and 1780
Amhearst Co Virginia2
1830 (about age 51)
Rhea, Tennessee5
28 Jan 1851 (about age 72)
Meigs County Tennessee - Rhea Springs2

Goodfield Cemetery, 4 miles south of Decutur, Meigs County, Tennessee


1. Elizabeth Lutrell (1788-1867)

25 Apr 1809 (about age 30)
Knox County Tennessee2
Census (fam)
1840 Census
Meigs County Tennessee - Rhea Springs
Hugh Lawson Baldwin (1809-1890)

Elizabeth F Baldwin (1812-1889)

James Churchill Baldwin (1814- )

Rhonda Ann Baldwin (1816- )

Sarah C Baldwin (1819- )

John L Baldwin (1821-1886)

William Jr Baldwin H (1824- )

Robert Simeon Baldwin (1826-1875)

Hugh Lawson Baldwin still stumps me and I have he is having way too much fun side stepping my pinning him down!  I do have land records for him, he sold a lot of land during the 1860's so I am thinking he moved on to Texas long before I thought. 

The Duncan's are still a brick wall.  It is assumed my George Washington Duncan is the son of John Duncan of North Carolina.  John may have been in the Revolutionary War, he was there during that time frame, I think.  I also assume he is the Duncan that came over from Scotland.  My family story was that three Duncan brothers came to the Colonies and settled near Bee Log, NC.

I still need to do my Duncan line "re-do" from a prior post.  Starting a brand new data base.  File by file rebuilding the database with DOCUMENTABLE sources.  Then use my second cousins book as a reference and find these documents.  I have an inkling one line might be incorrect.  And I know there have to be others that I can track to the Revolutionary War to supplement them into the DAR.

I heard from a distant relative from my Sheufelt line.  I haven't done any research on my fathers side, my mothers side keeps me very busy.   Bernadine Sheufelt was my paternal grandmother.  This relative and myself share the same great-grandparents and she was so nice and emailed me photographs of them!  I have not sat down and really followed the Ancestry trees for the Sheufelt, it seems many research various branches of Sheufelt/Hubble lines which is where my line goes.  My fathers paternal side already has me in Croatia but… there are not enough hours a day.

And then there are all the non-genealogical things I do… knitting, spinning and garb for the SCA for three people for a Pennsic that is coming at me full steam ahead!

Something I LOVE - Windows Office OneNote.  Type here, upload into blog.

And most importantly - today - HAPPY ROBIN HOOD DAY!  Which is where I am going this morning, to see Robin Hood.  This is epic, I NEVER go to the theatre opening day of anything, I hate it, I don't like crowds, I don't like people I don't know too close to me!  Haha.

And enough, I shut up now… -smile!-  Back to my exam I am procrastinating on with blog posts!

Generation 1
1. Elizabeth Dewar Spalding FENDER-1: born 21 Mar 1909 in District of St. Mary, Dundee, Scotland; died 3 Mar 1984 in Rochester, Monroe, NY.

Generation 2
2. Edward Cummings Alexander FENDER-2: born 19 Jul 1878 in District of St. Andrews, Dundee, Scotland; married 18 Dec 1903 in Dundee, Scotland; died 10 Apr 1952 in Akron, Summit, Ohio.
3. Elizabeth Reid ANDERSON-3: born 11 Apr 1880 in Carnoustie, Scotland; died 31 Jan 1933 in Akron, Summit, Ohio.

Generation 3
4. George FENDER-5: born 20 Dec 1851 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland; married 9 Jun 1871 in District of St. Clement, Dundee; died 9 Nov 1920 in Parish of Liff-Benvie, County of Forfar.
5. Jane Watt ALEXANDER-6: born ca 1852 in Forfarshire, Dundee; died 12 Jan 1915 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland.
6. John ANDERSON-10: born 3 Jun 1855 in Greystone, Parish of Monikie, Forfarshire, Scotland; married 27 Jun 1879 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland.
7. Elizabeth Dewar SPALDING-12: born 17 Oct 1855 in Parish of Monifieth in the County of Forfar.

Generation 4
8. George FENDER-13: born 20 Mar 1817 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland; married 26 Nov 1843 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland.
9. Jean/Jane BEATTS-14: born 18 Feb 1817 in Ferry Port on Craig; died 18 Mar 1898 in District of St. Mary, Dundee, Scotland.
10. Alexander ALEXANDER-24: born 20 May 1820 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland; married 24 Jan 1842 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland.
11. Margaret WATT-25.
13. Margaret ANDERSON-26: born ca 1826 in Brechin, Scotland.
14. James SPALDING-27: born 3 Oct 1827 in Foveran, Aberdeenshire; married 17 Dec 1854 in Monifieth, Scotland.
15. Elizabeth Lamb DEWAR-28: born 17 Jul 1836 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland.

Generation 5
16. George FENDER-50: born ca 1787.
17. Elizabeth SMITH-51: born ca 1791.
18. James BEAT-40: born 24 Sep 1789 in Ferry Port on Craig; married 22 May 1816 in Ferry Port on Craig.
19. Isabel MURRAY-41.
20. Thomas ALEXANDER-38.
21. Elizabeth MILNE-39.
22. Angus or Andrew??? WATT-37.
28. Alexander SPALDING-44.
29. Maria ADAMS-45.
30. David DEWAR-46: married.
31. Helen CUTHILL-47: born 26 May 1804 in Montrose.

Generation 6
36. William BEATT-42: married 23 Jan 1787 in Ferry Port on Craig.
37. Jean GORIE-43.
62. James CUTHILL-48: married.
63. Janet MATHER-49.

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