Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Marriage - William W Baldwin & Elizabeth "Betsey" Luttrell

This was sent to me from Knox County in 1983. The paper it was printed on faded badly over the years so I photo copied on the darkest settings. I will just reorder at some point but I wanted to put it in a post. I have never seen a marriage record like this.

State of Tennessee
County of Knox

Know all men by these Presents, That we William Baldwin and
Elijah Harris
all of the county and state aforesaid, our heirs, &c, are jointly and severally held
and firmly bound unto His Excellency the Governor, and his Successors in Office,
in the Penal sum of Twelve Hundred and Fifty Dollars, void on condition there be
no lawful objection why William Baldwin and
Betsey Luttrell may not be joined together
as man and wife in the holy estate of Matrimony.

Witness our hands and seals, this 25th day of March 1809.

(signed) William Baldwin
(signed) Elijah Harris


State of Tennessee
Knox County

To any Regular MINISTER of the Gospel, have the cure of Souls, or JUS-
TICE of the PEACE for said County, GREETING:

By the virtue of the full power and authority in me vested, I hereby authorise and
empower you, or either of you, to celebrate and perform the rites of Matrimony
between William Baldwin and Betsey
Luttrell and join them together as man and wife in the holy
estate of Matrimony, he having given bond and security as the Law directs.

Given at Office, the 25th day of march in the
Year of our Lord, 1809 and in the XXXIII Year of our Independence

(signed) can't read

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