Friday, September 3, 2010

Lazy Genealogist

This is the year I clean up my act, I mentioned the big "redo" before or should I call it the Great Migration of "My Stuff" from the published family history.  The published version by my Mothers Cousin has been my crutch and I really need to sift out what I have proof for and if I don't, get it.

This brings me to this file I ordered from the National Archives dare I say 25 years ago?  I glanced at it, I put it in my file box and I am not sure why I never did anything with it, other than I meant too but then put the Genealogy away for about 20 years.  So in this quest for documenting and sourcing, I pulled this file out (25 pages worth) and started to read it.  Blink.  Blink.  Blink.  I think I may have seen the branch of the service this said he was in and put it aside, the published book had Hugh W Baldwin in the 62nd Tennessee Mounted.. and... I am now convinced that is the incorrect Hugh W. Baldwin.  Now, if you follow my blog at all, you will see I agonize over his father, Hugh Lawson Baldwin, a lot too.  I feel a trend here.  So, I read this file, it is his Pension Claim file that his wife, Deborah Louise Cowden Duncan, took a long time to get.  I will have to go to the published book and find the excerpt about Deborah being awarded the pension.  It does the heart good after so many years forced to live a meager existence.

It is the documentation in this file that is outstanding.  Sworn, in front of Justices of the Peace, Lawyers, County Clerks and so on, this legal proceding offers me the following documentable events:

1. Marriage of Hugh Wilson Baldwin to Deborah Louise Cowden.
2. Death date and Burial date of Hugh Wilson Baldwin.
3. Three affidavits by the Physicians that attended Deborah during the births of their five children, my
    great-grandmother Carrie Ann Baldwin Duncan being one of those children.
4. His service record given by the War Department, in Co I, 10th Tennessee Calvary.
5. A photocopy of Deborah Louise's death certificate.

Today.. finally, I transcribed all 25 pages!  I do have to say I like Transcript 2.3.  I did have a problem with it not saving after three or four pages so would have to close and reopen the program.  I looked at the website and it hasn't been updated in quite some time.  The Dell I used it on is finicky so it could be the machine.

Marriage of Hugh Wilson Baldwin to Deborah Louise Cowden:

Birth of Carrie Ann Baldwin Duncan:

I will have to look at Footnote again.  I didn't see this file there before but I did see the other Hugh W Baldwin File.   Hugh Baldwin seems to be a popular name during the time.  I recall chasing another Hugh L Baldwin thinking it was my Hugh Lawson.

This post is really an Amanuensis Monday post but I am too darned pleased to have this file finally transcribed! (As an off-topic aside.. I am the Amanuensis for Pennsic 40!  That was the title I was given for being secretary to the Mayor for next years event.)

PS.  I realize the background for my blog is missing.. I will get it fixed soon.

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