Friday, September 4, 2009

Daughters of the American Revolution - Verified!

Exciting news came by email this week!  My local chapter had word from the NSDAR in Washington that the genealogists had verified!!! our applications and our member numbers will be coming.

This alone crosses off a "to do" on my life's list that is over 20 years old.  My mother had her applications from 1989 I think they are dated that her cousin had helped her with. At that time Patsy was a Chapter Registrar and was helping my mother join.  She put them in her safe and there they stayed.  I had mentioned them many times over the years but I had at that point not done any genealogy work at all.  So then when I picked up the family history baton once more I decided it was time to finish this project and while we were at it to get every female that was eligible in.  May as well do this only once, right?

There were a few times I hit some frustration.  A few times I wondered why I was doing this for four people.. I couldn't get what I needed or there was no support or any appreciation.  This is a lot of work for one person but in the end, I have brought about a huge accomplishment.. one that I have wanted for a very long time because I am very proud of my heritage.  So!! My mother, sister, daughter and myself are now Daughters.

My mothers cousin also says I qualify for the Colonial Dames, perhaps I will persue that down the road.  The Hugoenot Society might be in the future as well.  One of our ancestor's, William John Witt, is thought to be one of the first Huguenot's of the Manakin Colony, Virginia, I am not sure we have the proof of this.  The last I looked at the Huguenot website, The Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia, he was listed but with a ? denoting there was no proof for him.but I do see the surname "Vaux" on the list as well and he married a Vaux in France.

That is the news for Society's.  Next week I will be going to my first DAR meeting.  I am looking very forward to it.


Sheri said...

Congratulations Sharon! Welcome to DAR. Believe it or not, I truly love being a member.

This and That said...

Thank you Sheri! I am so excited.!!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations and welcome! I'm a member in California, having joined back in 1996 as a "Junior."

If you have children or grandchildren who are between the ages of 0-22, they will qualify for the Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.). My daughter is a member, and we have lots of fun at the events.

I hope you enjoyed your first DAR meeting! I'll bet they get you signed up to do something real quick! :-)

This and That said...

Thank you Elizabeth! We did applications for my mother, sister, daughter and I. At first my daughter was not all that interested but once she saw the certificate she got very excited. She is not into history like I am, more tolerant of my enthusiasm, haha.

Jim S said...

I just saw your blog through Geneabloggers. I was paging through some of your past blogs. Congratulations on being a DAR member. I've been remiss in sending in an application for SAR. I have at least eight ancestors who served in the American revolution. The cost of the membership is a little steep for me at this time.

Regards, Jim
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