Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blog Prompt #39: Did your ancestors come by boat? Talk about the documentation that records their departure and arrival.

Two family's that I know of came to America by boat in the 1900's. On my mothers side was my Great-Grandfather Edward Fender. Edward came over the first time with his oldest child and only son, George Fender. They came over in steerage and decided during that trip that my Great-Grandmother, Grandmother and Great-Aunt would come over by first class passage. Edward was a Mason and the most memorable event about his arrival was that they took his trunk and opened it to inspect his luggage. Upon finding his Mason's apron, his baggage was closed up as it was and he was escorted through customs.

I have been very lucky to find the documents for this families passage. The interesting thing is that both my grandmother and great-aunt were listed 2 years younger than they were. A small mystery though I am guessing that the clerk was misinformed. If my great-grandfather booked the passage, perhaps he just couldn't remember how old they were. I know in the family history of my mothers cousin my sister and I are also listed by two years off.

The second family would be my Great-Grandmother and Great Grandfather Stivic that became Stevens. They too came through Ellis Island and settled in Detroit, Michigan.

(this is the information filled in on a #29 line blank passenger list form, Excel is giving me issues and not pasting like the table I made.  Each line numbered, first is Zivco, second is Marianna.)

1 11 12

2 Stivic Stivic

2 Zivco Marianna

3 26 19

4 M F

5 M M

6 Labourer Housewife

7 Yes Yes

7 Yes Yes

8 Hungarian Hungarian

9 German German

10 Vodincia (?) Same

11 Anna Landakic same

11 Mother Mother-in-law

12 Michigan same

12 Detroit same

13 11 12

14 Yes Yes

15 Self Husband

16 $50 comment about Husband

17 No No

17 - -

17 - -

18 Acqua Kocian Anton, Guton? Acqua

18 Hendrick St 32, Detroit Michigan

19 No No

20 No No

21 No No

22 No No

23 No No

24 No No

25 5' 7" 5' 5"

26 dark dark

27 fair fair

27 blue blue

28 no no

29 Lapovac (can't read handwriting)


Alana said...

I was interested to read how your great grandfather was escorted through customs when the customs workers saw his masonic apron. This means that the customs workers were also masons. One thing that masons do is look after their fellow "brothers", no matter where they are from. I belong to a fraternal organization called The Order of the Eastern Star, which is affiliated with the Freemansons and both organizations tend to practice this customs.


This and That said...

Hi Alana!

Thank you for your comment. My two maternal Great-Grandfathers were Mason's and my Great-Grandmother was a member of the Eastern Star, I had no idea that The Order of the Eastern Star was an affiliate to the Masons. Thank you for this tidbit of information!

Thank you for reading my blog!!


Alana said...

Hi Sharon,

The Eastern Star is indeed a concordant body of the Freemasons. It is the largest fraternal organization of which both men and woman can join. Membership is through a masonic affiliation, which means, that because your great grandfathers were both masons, you yourself can join the Eastern Star. If you would like further information, you can contact me at alana dot farrell at sympatico dot ca