Friday, September 4, 2009

Saturday Night Fun - 8-29-2009

I haven't met many of my ancestors but here goes. I really enjoy doing Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Fun and have been trying to be more on top of it for if nothing else, it keeps me blogging during down times. Currently sitting and sifting through census images annoy me so the spinning wheel has my attention. That is how my mind works.. I am either spot on with research or feeling like my brain doesn't like to work. When this happens, I have learned it is time to be creative until the research bug hits again. Basically, why fight the tide.. be productive no matter where your head is at! Anywho..... I digress a LOT.

I took my Ahnentafel and see I have met six of my ancestors.

Number 1 and 2 are my parents.  Since they are still alive they are being listed.

Number 3 and 4 are my paternal grandparents.  I met them when I was very small and do not remember them and my father did not stay in touch with them that I know of.  

3. Bozidar (Theodore John) STIVIC (STEVENS)-422: born 1913 in Michigan; died in Detroit Michigan.

4. Bernadine Vevione SHEUFELT-785: born 29 Sep 1914 in Detroit Michigan; died 2 Jan 1997 in Bullhead City, Mohave, Arizona, United States of America.

My maternal grandparents.  My grandmother was the most important person in my world.  My grandfather was a Southern Gentleman and had this very charming way about him.  I have posted seperate blogs about them in this blog previously.

5. John Foster DUNCAN-313: born 27 Dec 1906 in Bradley County Tennessee; died 28 Sep 1995 in Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA.

6. Elizabeth Spalding Dewar FENDER-5: born 21 Mar 1909 in District of St. Mary, Dundee, Scotland; died 3 Mar 1984 in Rochester, Monroe, New York.

As you can see, my post is very late!

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