Friday, September 13, 2013

The Book of Me, Written by You Prompt 2 - Your Birth

The Book of Me, Written by You.  A writing exercise that I am taking part in because I always feel like I am chasing dead people and not documenting the "alive" people.  I hope to teach you a little about me as I learn about you.

Age - 3 months
I was born on Sunday, August 30, 1959 at Akron General Hospital in Akron, Summit County, Ohio. Those I know that were nearby were my Grandmother, I was her first born grandchild, and my "Aunt Pat" (my mom's best friend through life), and my Father. Aunt Pat LOVES babies and the expression on her face when my daughter was born and those wiggling fingers of hers as she approached to take my daughter into her arms… well I know how she looked when she did that to me, haha.. She always proudly reported she was the third person to hold me. I love that woman more than she will ever know.

I went home to live with my parents and grandmother on Portage Drive, Akron. I had dark hair and blue eyes and grew into brown hair and hazel eyes and I do have a card with my newborn picture with my length and weight on it but can not find it currently. I do remember I was 7 pounds and a few ounces and I think, if memory serves me, that I was 19"-20". I was an easy, average, birth.

My feet - My Mom's thumbprints

Random Things:

Top Song of the week -
August 23 – September 19 1959 Browns - The Three Bells4 weeks
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Popular Films
  • Ben-Hur
  • Some Like It Hot
  • Anatomy of a Murder
  • North by Northwest
  • Sleeping Beauty
Popular Singers
  • Doris Day
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Connie Francis
  • Jim Reeves
  • Cliff Richard
  • Ella Fitzgerald
Popular TV Programmes
  • Bonanza premieres on NBC, the first weekly television series broadcast completely in color
  • Juke Box Jury premieres on BBC Television
  • Dixon of Dock Green (UK)
  • The Huckleberry Hound Show

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Aug. 30, 1959RiseSet
Actual Time6:49 AM EDT8:02 PM EDT
Civil Twilight6:21 AM EDT8:31 PM EDT
Nautical Twilight5:47 AM EDT9:04 PM EDT
Astronomical Twilight5:11 AM EDT9:40 PM EDT
Moon3:18 AM EDT (8/30)5:45 PM EDT (8/30)
Length Of Visible Light14h 09m   
Length of Day13h 12m  
Waning Crescent, 13% of the Moon is Illuminated        
Aug 30
Waning Crescent
Sep 2
Sep 9
First Quarter
Sep 16
Sep 24
Last Quarter
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