Friday, September 6, 2013

The Book of Me, Written by You Prompt 1 - Who Are You?

The Book of Me, Written by You.
Prompt 1


I stumbled across the new blog series and thought I would do my best to be a part of it. I can't promise I will make every prompt but I love the idea of this project and future researchers of my family might know a bit about me. I am so busy documenting dead people I always forget the people that are alive. My bad!!

Who Am I?
  1. A survivor! Last year I survived a grave illness and above that I walked away with no permanent disabilities. I am thankful every day.
  2. A mother. A son, a daughter - the two most precious things in my world.
  3. A partner. I am not an easy partner to have, I have baggage.. In this relationship I am learning to be more kind, to listen and mostly to cut people some slack. I am hard on myself and everyone else in my life.
  4. A sister. We have always loved each other, now we are finding our relationships, repairing, cementing and moving forward knowing we have each other.
  5. A friend. I am blessed with good people in my life.
  6. A member of the DAR. An achievement that is not mine but the men in my family that gave of themselves to make us a Country. I am very proud of these men to fight for what they felt was right.
  7. A volunteer. I volunteer in minor capacities and will be joining my Fire Department in the Women's Auxiliary. (very excited about this)
  8. A knitter. I knit, I am not great at it and never will be but what I do do, I enjoy.
  9. A spinner (handspun yarn). Spinning, it's where I find peace and my zen. When that wheel spins and that luxurious fiber slips from my hands onto the bobbin, I am so there. Ahhhhhh.
  10. A family historian. I love it, I will never be a super genealogist but I am very happy with my accomplishments thus far.
  11. An independent woman. Fiercely, I hate feeling trapped and helpless so I should probably describe myself as "intensely independent".
  12. A complicated woman. Something I am told regularly.. I expect this is that intense thing… heh.
  13. A stubborn woman - which I was reminded of again just today. Yes, I am stubborn. Someone has to look out for me.
  14. A woman who sometimes struggles but always fights to the top. My life has been a series of things to overcome. I never stop fighting.
  15. A woman who has dropped her roots again after a transient 12 years. I lost my house 12 years ago in divorce and never thought I wanted to be a homeowner again. After my illness I found my life very unsatisfying and bought a house.. It's like my life clock started again and I am living. I feel like I was taken out of a box and the dust blown off.
  16. A woman who is finally understanding what "inner" peace can be like. I think it has everything to do with number 15.
  17. A new home owner. The start of number 15 and 16. I am so in love with my house, my home and the life I am building for myself there.
  18. A gardener again. I missed it.. Peace. Harmony.
  19. A history enthusiast. I love history and love learning though lately I am realizing that I know more about the Tudor period of England than anything and unsure how that happened, haha. I am Scots!
  20. A daughter. I was the best daughter I could be and being the daughter of an alcoholic did not make it easy. I wish from the center of my soul I could change or had changed the course of my relationship with my mother before she died.
  21. A devoted granddaughter. My grandmother was my rock, my savior. She died when I was in my 20's and I have still not recovered.
  22. An Aunt. I am proud to say that my nephew started college this year!
  23. A grandmother. I have two beautiful grandchildren and wish them the world and every happiness.
  24. A soap maker. After 15 or so years I started making soap again. It's so fun.
  25. A canner - food! With the garden, house and nesting came my old hobby of canning once more.
  26. A woman who never stops wanting to learn. I always find things of interest to spark my curiosity, I love to learn.
  27. A worker bee. I am at the bottom rung career wise, there for I do a lot of the work! I am content, my life is outside of my employment, it pays the bills.
  28. I am an introvert. I am okay with this. I am a solitary type personality and can keep myself occupied day in and day out. I don't do well in crowd type situations. Big parties stress me out and make me anxious and I am very quiet which surprises people that truly know me. In my comfort zone I know how to have a good time, lol.
  29. I am a Virgo. 'Nuf said. It means I am anal, detailed and difficult to get along with. :)
  30. I am the child of a deceased alcoholic and daily re-sort, re-group, cut myself some slack and let the anger fade into healing. It has been 2 years this past week. I miss her terribly, moreso than the last two years.


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