Sunday, January 11, 2009

Plan of Attack - D A R

January 11 of the New Year and what has gotten done? Nothing and enough I suppose. I unpacked my Genealogy materials. I moved TWO months ago and just got the living room decorated not 5 days ago and that is it. Boxes still everywhere.. not much of anything done. I know why but I am not telling, I am goofing off too much, that is all I will say. :) Well, I hate moving and I view this move as temporary so effort is short though I like my country decor so finally did start to unpack. I suppose in the scheme of things 2 years is not 'that' temporary.

So.. tired of waiting for me to get anything productive done, I have started a Graveyard Rabbit Blog and have pinned papers up to a nifty bulletin board in my new apartment. Pinned up are applications to work on. Colonial Dames, DAR, Civil War Families of Tennessee. Filling out one should get them all nipped in the bud (or close) so plan of attack is the DAR, I had made two requests and months have gone by since I contacted the Colonial Dames and my local chapter has not made contact... So I think if I get the DAR done, most of the ground work is done for the Colonial Dames. It all works.

DAR List to make sure I have or to get documentation on:

My mother
John Duncan
Carrie Anne Baldwin
Hugh Wilson Baldwin
Hugh Lawson Baldwin
Elizabeth Luttrell
James Churchwell Luttrell
Richard Luttrell

Now, time to get busy! :)

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Sheri said...

You Go Girl! Let me know if you need any help with the application process for DAR. I am registrar for my local chapter here in Stockton, California. Looks like you have all your duckies in a row ready to go.