Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Edward Cummings Alexander Fender

Edward Cummings Alexander Fender. Born July 19, 1879 in Dundee Scotland and died April 10, 1952 in Akron, Ohio. He married Elizabeth Anderson (born April 11, 1880, Carnoustie, Scotland; died February 2, 1933, Akron Ohio) on December 18, 1903. His second marriage was to Willie Clay Moore on September 22, 1934.

The little I know about him so far.:

Edward came to America with a job already in hand, he was a baker and the manager of Tasty Bread Company and that is where he met his second wife whom he married after Elizabeth died (Elizabeth died of pernicious anemia). I remember his second wife, she died when I was a te
enager and we all adored "Grandma Willie".

Edward was a Mason and he and his son, George (my great uncle), came to the US in steerage. When he got to the USA, when searching his trunk in Boston, they found his Masonic apron and immediately stopped searching and repacked his trunk and let him through. He decided on that trip they would make sure his wife and his two daughters (my grandmother and great-aunt) would travel first class on their trip to their new home as steerage was uncomfortable. My great-grandmother, grandmother and aunt came over to the US on the Andrea Doria.

I do not know the date of this photograph but that picture of him in the background was on the side table of Grandma Willie's bed until her very last day. I am not sure whatever happened to it, I will have to ask my mother if she has it. In fact Willie had that dresser forever too. Was he sick then? Why a photograph in the bedroom and he in his bed clothes? This requires pumping my mother for information again. :) I can't remember what he died of but then this side of the family I have not started on, that is this years project.

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