Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Book of Me, Written by You Prompt 6 - Journals and Diaries

The Book of Me, Written by You. A writing exercise that I am taking part in because I always feel like I am chasing dead people and not documenting the "alive" people. I hope to teach you a little about me as I learn about you.

I had always wished I could unearth some awesome and detailed account of an ancestor by way of a kept journal. To glean a day in the life, in detail, something we can imagine but not really grasp reality wise I expect. There are those people holding on to those sorts of treasures but I have not been so lucky. Shoot! So maybe we all carry the same writing laziness gene in my family? I do have a book with a few notes written in it and recipes from my Great Grandfather Edward Fender. He was a baker and this must have been a work book.

I have attempted during many times of my life to be a journal writer but I have a real hard time keeping with it. I start a journal, fade, find it years later and see how lame it reads, call myself a dork and chuck the journal in the garbage. Years later I feel enthusiastic about doing it again and alas, read above, the same thing happens again. I do have one very silly journal from the 80's when a girl friend and I shared a place and a few nights we went out then gave our account of the evening. I am not sure I would enjoy leaving that for my descendants though. Note to self: Find that journal, be like Mom, burn it! /Grin. I am a professional blog fader and I think this blog has been my best attempt at journaling. It has some personal things in it but not my daily thoughts and how I really feel about things. 
I do have a thing about pretty blank books. I have a few, one I carry … well, maybe it could be taken as a journal? I have a blank book that I carry in my purse. It has all my daily notes in it. Lists of things I need for the house, to do lists, contacts for things I need done at the house. I keep all my current working (home) notes in it and always have it and a red pen with me. I do save them, I am on my second book, and those I would keep so I could reference them again if needed. So I perhaps future generations will try to decipher what this meant:



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