Saturday, January 29, 2011

Margaret Anderson Update

Yes, I know Duncan's, I promised you Saturday morning. I lied, Margaret is wanting my attention today and she is not taking no for an answer!
So, I found the document, and didn't find the document, that is helping with a time line:

-Affair with George Valentine.
-Produced daughter Elizabeth c. 1847. (illegitimate)
-Married William Nicoll 6/28/1851.
-David Nicoll born c 1852.
-I am assuming William Nicoll died between their marriage and 1855 when John Anderson was born, she is a widow on his birth registration.
-John Anderson born 1855. (illegitimate).

The document I found is the marriage record for William Nicoll and Margaret Anderson in Brechin, where she was born. Date 6/28/1851. Unfortunately I have the search and the record number but when I went to look at the record it was not the correct record. I reported it to ScotlandsPeople so hopefully I will get a hold of the actual record at some point.

Additional searches found nothing. I searched for:
David Nicoll's birth record.

William Nicoll's death record but I don't know enough about him to know if any of the search finds are him and the deaths are recorded in a book not really giving next of kin information.

Re the 1861 Census, I searched David Nicholl, David Anderson, John Anderson, John Nicoll, Margaret Nicoll, Margaret Anderson. I just can not find this census.


Anonymous said...

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Haz said...

Have you tried to find any burial record and or monumental inscription she may be buried with her 1st husband, Try Deceased on line. Or google for a MI .
The other thought is that as a 29 year old woman with 3 young children she may have applied to the parish for assistance. There may be records.Also with an illegitimate child if living outwith the major cities you had to go in front of the church to have the father of the child confirm his status and promise help if need be so that the mother did not become a drain on the public puse.

Haz said...

1,Check where she was living when the children were born and then check the Kirk session records some are coming on line.
A woman with an illegitimate child was usually called in front of the church asked to name the father and he had to promise to pay. They did not want her to be drain on the public purse.
When she was widowed she may also have had to claim help as she had 3 young chn.
2. Check for a monumental inscription or burial record for her and William .new on line is Deceased on line.
Good luck

This and That said...

Thank you very much Anonymous! Haz, many good ideas and directions to go. While I am learning about Scottish records, I am still a newbie, most of my record search has been US. I wasn't sure how to figure out where she was buried so will check out Deceased Online now that I know I am not looking for her as Nicoll.

I appreciate your input and will post progress as I get to it!