Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Transcription - G. W. Duncan - Coffin and Grave

I guess my previous post was what I needed to shed my mood. Tonight I decided to look at what I had saved in Footnote and to start transcribing. This file has 12 pages of information. I did find a clue or two in this information. I am seeing very clearly why transcribing is important, especially for a skimmer like me. I can pinpoint Jane Edwards Duncan to Hendersonville, NC in 1862. I will see if there are newspapers from there in any archives.

{Edit:  Oh discrepancy!  I wonder if his age was written down when he mustered in or if he gave the wrong age.  By taking the age of 29 that he was listed as when he died, that places him born abt 1832.  His wife was born 1817 and their son William Franklin was born in 1842.  That would make G.W. 10 years old??  More research to be done.  In the statement below it is mentioned he was 42 at time of death.}

From North Carolina Troops
A Roster

Compiled by Weymouth T Jordan, Jr.
Vol. VII

Duncan, George W., Private

Born in Ashe County and resided in Yancey County where he was by occupation a farmer prior to enlisting in Yancey County at age 29, July 26, 1861.  Died n hospital at Knoxville, Tennessee, June 20-27, 1862 of "diarrhoea."

The reference card:

Duncan - G.W.
Co. G. 29th N.C.

Reference Card

See Manuscript No. 1687 Page …
Coffin and Grave
Dated - July 16 1862


I certify that the within named George W Duncan a private of Capt E H Hampton's company (G) 29th Regt NC Troops was born in Ash County in the State of NC.  Age 42 years five feet nine inches high.  Fair complexion blue eyes black hair.  And by occupation a farmer.  Was enlisted by M Chandler at Day Brook in Yancey County in the State of NC on the 26th day of July 1861 to serve one year and died at Knoxville Tennessee in regular hospital of dioreiah on the 27th day of June 1862.  A left the following effect {viz} two suits of clothes, two blankets and 36 dollars in money all of which was hand over to his leagal adminstrator, Jane M Duncan except one suit of clothes which was used in burying him.  Given in duplicate at Beau Station, Tenn this 8th day of July 1862.  E.H. Hampton, Capt.  Comdg Comp 29th Regt, NC Troops.

Auditor/Comptroller Document:

The Confederate States

To George W Duncan, deceased, late Private of Capt.  Hampton  Co G 29th Reg't, North Carolina Troops Dr.

For pay from 1st May the date of which he was last paid by Capt. Neill A 2 M to 27th June, 1862 the date of his Death.
1 month & 17 Days @ $11 per Month

Commutation for Clothing



Per Certificate of Capt Hampton herewith.

Payable to B. M. Edward (?), Attorney of Jane E Duncan the Widow of said deceased Hendersonville N.C.

Treasury Department
Second Auditor's Office
June 6th 1863
C W Johnson, Clerk.

Comptroller's Office
June 9th, 1863
S.H. Boykin(?), Clerk.


Patti Browning said...

I am fascinated by this documentation about your G.W.'s death in a Civil War hospital. You mentioned you found this on Footnote? What a lucky find! My ancestor's brother died the same way G.W. did, from sickness, but he was a Union soldier from IL and I've never been able to find out anything about his death and burial. Footnote doesn't have any IL records up yet.

Thanks for featuring this on your blog as a resource; I will make a note to myself to check back for it!

This and That said...

Hi Patti!

I was very excited to find this. There is another page or two that I need to transcribe yet but it is pretty much the same information written in a different way. Oddly, the most exciting part for me was his description. The blue eyes seemed to have traveled down the line to my mother but she is blond as blond could be. The more recent Duncan's very tall.

I will admit that I have not used Footnote like I should and plan on changing that because I know if I am patient I will find more and that site is expanding constantly. Ohhhhhh to work at the National Archives.. that would be the best job I think!

Thanks for the post!