Monday, August 24, 2009

Madness Monday - Hugh Lawson Baldwin

One frustrating man....

Born 6/14/1809, Amhearst County, Virginia.
Married Betsey Stockton June 15, 1832 in Rhea County, Tennessee.
Census 1840, Meigs County, Tennessee
Census 1860, Bradley County, Tennessee.
Died 6/15/1895, Lancaster, Texas.

His tombstone is in Edgewood Cemetery and I have spoken with two people but do not have a picture of it and not sure I have the entire inscription on the stone but it says husband of S.E.

From an email (7/29)

Byrum's has given me your letter requesting info on Hugh Lawson Baldwin.
I have an H. L. Baldwin 12/29/1809-6/14/1895 buried on lot 53.
m marker says his spouse is S. E. Baldwin. There are no other burials on
this lot - it is a large lot......

And another email (7/29)

The lot #53 that H. L. Baldwin is buried on - the owner is listed as Routh ?. Could a Routh have been a relative that purchased the lot? It is an 8 grave space with only this one marked grave. There could be other burials on it but unless they have a marker we wouldn't have records that far back.
Just a thought.

So this is what I have. I don't have any family by that Routh name so I am betting that is the second wife's maiden name so will do a little research to see if I can find a marriage something for them. I haven't gone back to Virginia to find his birth record yet and I do know who is parents are: William W Baldwin and Betsey Luttrell. (It is the Luttrell line that is my DAR application line.)

I am very stuck on his Texas years. I can not find him on any census, no death information other than that headstone and since I don't know what all is on it, I am not sure if there is another clue on it. His family knew he went to Texas and died there. I am guessing he went there after Betsey Stockton died but I can't find him on anything after the 1860 census.

This is one very elusive man.


Patti Browning said...

I live about 45 minutes away from the Edgewood Cemetery. I will be in the area on Wednesday and if I can get out of my doctor's office in time I'll pick my way there with a good map. :) I'll get that picture for you.....

This and That said...


I can't thank you enough! I appreciate your offer either way it works out and thank you!!!

Patti Browning said...

Not a problem. Here's hoping that the stone gives you a bit more to go on!

Patti Browning said...

I went to Edgewood today and I am sorry to say that Hugh's stone is gone. I DID, however, find part of it. Head over to my blog and you can read what I found and see some pictures!

I took more pictures than I posted and I'd be happy to send you all of them. Just comment and let me know your email address and I'll attach them to an email for you!!!

I wish I could've been more help. :(

-- Patti