Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hugh Lawson Baldwin

Hugh Lawson Baldwin
Born abt 1808 Amhearst Co, Virginia
Born December 12, 1809 Rhea County Tennessee
Died abt 1890 Lancaster Texas (how did he get there!)

Married Betsey Stockton Wilson (the Widow Wilson and older than Hugh.)

Hugh Wilson Baldwin (curious, was Hugh named after her husband that passed on? )

Census - 1840 Rhea County, Tennessee; 1860 Bradley County, Tennessee

Hugh Lawson Baldwin is in my "DAR" line. He would be my great-great-great grandfather and while I do know some about him, I don't know much. Betsey died aft 1860 and at some point Hugh ended up in Texas but I don't know the why and when. I have not found him on but two census' but have not yet sat down to the serious "lets find him!" research.

I have a schematic drawn showing where his grave is in Lancaster, Texas. A very nice person in Texas read a post I left about identifying this cemetery and asking for a picture. He said he would get me a photo when he can but abbreviated some of his headstone to me and it seems he had a second wife! So more to follow up on when I see this headstone. In the meantime.. I must keep searching!

My Post:

I am wondering if anyone can identify the cemetery in the schematic in the above link and perhaps get a picture of the grave marker for Hugh Lawson Baldwin 1808-1890. I live in Western NY State and my chances of getting to Texas any time soon are very slim. I did try contacting a Historical Society there by email but my emails kept bouncing back.
Thank you!!

Answer to my Post!:
Hugh Lawson Baldwin is buried in Edgwood Cemetery, Lancaster, TX. His headstone is as "H.L. Lawson.....h/o S.E". This cemetery is located on Nokomis Rd. near E. Belt Line Rd. The weather this week is supposed to be cold and rainy. I will try to get down there and get a picture.


Greta Koehl said...

Yay, someone else with a Lancaster connection. That is where my mother's mother's family is from. Have you tried the Dallas Morning News archives? You can do searches for free. There is a fee for downloading articles, but it's not bad. I just wish the old Times-Herald had archives on line, too.

This and That said...

Thank you for that tidbit of information!! I will certainly do some searching there.