Saturday, November 15, 2008

Getting my mojo back...

After an extremely crappy day and over stuff that I should not let get to me... really... I sit here at 9 pm irritated that I did not get my research back on the ball today as that was the plan. I am super tired right now and I suppose that has much to do with my current mood but now I am wondering where to start. It has been weeks since my research box was packed up for the move. I am still not settled in but I figure a box will get unpacked or decided on when I darn well feel like dealing with it. I want some sort of normalcy back and research is part of my normalcy.

And so... I suppose it is a matter of opening a box and picking a person to start on because invariably that is not the person I am working on within an hour because I follow leads or thoughts or ideas and find within three hours I am on the tenth person past the person I started on that research session. Haha.

When you are working on projects daily, you kind of have a memory of what you have been doing and what you are trying to do but it has been so long I am sure I will feel disorganized for a bit of time... so, I suppose I will jump right in and find my way rather quickly.. I think it is the jump that is the part that is taking the effort.. it will all be better tomorrow.

Tonight maybe laying in bed with the tv on is the ticket... I think I will give myself the night off and stop being angry with myself for not getting anything done today.

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Judith Richards Shubert said...

I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I feel sooo disjointed, I start to do research on one thing, and then something or someone else pops up. Where will I settle today?